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‘You’re lucky if you can even get one really good best friend in your life’, though it’s a movie dialogue but isn’t it true? In our small lives there are so many people that come but only some stays, it hurts when people leave but when you look back in the past and see that, that one person who has stayed through it all, through all you up’s and down’s, through all your crazy mood swings, through all your late night ice-cream cravings is the one to hang on for forever. Love comes in all shapes and sizes but their love comes with equality. Equality in loving each-other, equality in sharing every small detail, equality even when they’re fighting. We don’t know if Ayush and Ayushi were a pair made in heaven but we do know that they were a pair made in Love. Their craziness topples everything they do, the level of comfort these two share is incomprehensible. They got lucky, they found that one best friend in each other.