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Who said engagements are supposed to be like a large-scale business activity? There is nothing more prettier than an intimate one, where everyone knows everyone, there’s no rush in doing things, family members are enjoying and spending the most wholesome days with their loved ones. An intimate affair where there are people talking about their childhood memories of each-other, telling stories of the girl and boy when they were young, how notorious or studious they would’ve been and everything coming up to one thing ‘How did you grow up so fast?’

Jheel and Armaan’s enagagement was one such intimate family affair. The simplicity of everything, the ease of doing simplest of things, the love, the bond that everyone shared, the mutual respect that families felt amongst them was a lifetime experience. Love travels faster than light maybe this sounds a little illogical but who said illogical things can’t be true? We love a love like theirs.