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Love makes you do the craziest things because in the first place the craziest of all is falling in love. Love knows no bounds, even a hundred miles seems less when you’re in love. Saba and Rony’s wedding is like the song ‘सात समुंदर पार मै तेरे पीछे-पीछे आ गया’. You know it’s true love when you don’t care about all the bondages that society expects from you. You know it’s the right love when your parents are more proud than you are of your choice. There wedding was a unique Indo-Western wedding if we say it correctly, they celebrated their wedding while performing all the rituals. The cutest part of their wedding where everyone was in awe of the love they have for each-other was their unique Varmala, instead of taking ‘Pheras’ they said their ‘Vows’ and purity of it left everyone spellbound and they showcased their happiness by shedding tears of joy. It was an intimate wedding but oh! What fun.