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Weddings have been an integral part of every community, and a Marwari wedding of Rajasthan tops all of it. The colours, the emotions, the fun, the extravagance that a Big Fat Marwari wedding showcases are worth experiencing once in a lifetime. These two young souls who’ve decided to stay together forever showcases the same energy and vibe of what every Shahrukh Khan fan would know, “PYAAR DOSTI HAI’, the fireball that Sonika is and the calm that Prateek brings and above all of it the bond that these two share is amazing. Love when shared will always nourish and flourish and when the lover is your best friend there are no bounds to how high you can get on happiness. It’s like you’re carrying your smile with you, somedays when you don’t have your own smile you’ll wear the smile the other person has given you. This wedding was such a blast! What crazy energy and chemistry these two share.